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SWARGAROHINI ( Satopanth )
Parikrama - Spiritual Expedition

Shree Sadguru Seva Sanstha, Pune India, an organization which has been arranging adventurous spiritual expeditions like Kardaliwan Parikrama, Shree Datta Parikrama is now arranging SWARGAROHINI ( SATOPANTH ) PARIKRAMA.

Introduction :- Swargarohini is the place from where Pandavas went to Swarga i.e. Heaven.The story explained in Mahabharata, that after Mahabharata war was over and Shri krishna left his body, Pandavas decided to leave for the last journey of life. The king Yudhisthira, the eldest Pandava, delivered the kingdom to grandson Parikshita and Pandavas with Draupadi walked towards Himalayas. They visited Kedarnath and other shrines and finally reached at the feets of Badrinarayana at Badrinath. After the darshana of Badrinarayana, they started to walk towards the Neelkanth Mountain behind the temple of Badrinarayana. One divine dog was accompanying them from Badrinath. They walked for few distance and Draupadi felled down. Then consequently Sahadeva, Nakul, Arjun and Bhima felled down. Yudhisthira alone with the dog was walking. At last, Yamadeva, lord of Death, came down and requested Yudhisthira to sit in a ratha ( a divine vehicle ) to go to the Swarga.Yudhisthira humbly declined and urged that I cannot leave this dog alone. The dog disappeared and Indra, the king of Gods appeared. Both Indra and Yamadeva took Yudhisthira to Swarga. This place few kms behind the Badrinath temple is known as Swargarohini. It is not possible for any pilgrim to reach at Swargarohini. The pilgrim can reach at Satopanth where Bhima left his body. This spiritual expedition is called as Swargarohini ( Satopanth) expedition. This is really tough and adventurous trek. The beauty of this spiritual trek is that it is full of excitements, natural scenery, biodiversity, divine energy and spiritual experiences. This is one and only adventurous trek in Himalayas where in 6 to 7 days duration, one can enjoy high altitude, glaciers, rivers, greenery, natural plants, herbs and shrubs, lakes and snow fall, all in one and that to in such a short duration. One may require 12 to 20 days to experience this all in any other Himalayan trek. The altitude at Badrinath is 10,000 ft from main sea level and it reaches upto 16000 ft at Satopanth. It is one of the most divine and wonderful spiritual expedition and which is less known.

This expedition starts from Badrinath and duration is of 7 days from Badrinath and back to Badrinath. We go upto Satopanth and come back to Badrinath. The Parikrama starts at 6am of the first day and returns in the evening 6pm on 7th day.

Date of Expedition
Pune to Pune : 17th to 30th September 2016
Limited Seats : Only 30 Seats

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